The Cavanah Family series

by 3 books in this series
#1 - The Rag Maiden
#1 - The Rag Maiden
Ireland, 1848

The potato famine has left the Cavanah family destitute. Kitty and Peter manage to secure tickets for America - seeking hope in an unknown land.

But still fortune will not favour them. On a terrifying crossing of the Irish Sea, Peter vanishes, and with him their tickets.

Now, Kitty and her young family are stranded in Liverpool - with not a penny to their name. Facing prejudice and distrust, they move to Blackburn, where the welcome is no warmer, but Kitty at least can gather rags and scraps to exchange for a coin or two. She refuses to give up hope - on finding Peter, on getting to America.

But Kitty knows they are just one bad day away from the evils of the workhouse . . .
#2 - The Market Girl
#2 - The Market Girl
Lancashire, 1850s

Agnes Cavanaugh has watched her mother,Kitty struggle to put food on the table ever since they crossed the sea from Ireland. So when she sees an opportunity to help earn some money by selling cheese at the local market she begins to work with the local farm to maximise on sales.

Much to her mother, Kitty’s, disappointment, Agnes is immediately drawn to the farmer’s son, Jonas. And Jonas can’t help but be enchanted by Agnes. But their love faces many challenges, Agnes has been promised to another and Jonas cannot marry a Roman Catholic.

Will Agnes risk everything she’s done for her family in her quest for happiness?
#3 - The Widow’s Shillings
#3 - The Widow’s Shillings
Kitty Cavanah has been fighting for her children ever since they left Dublin in 1848.

Their life in Ireland feels like a lifetime ago, and now, settled in Blackburn Kitty continues to fight for a better future for her family.

With her daughter, Agnes, settled and married, Kitty must focus on her youngest children and their dream of making it across the sea to America, and a better life.

She may only have a few shillings to her name, but Kitty never gives up on fighting for her a better future for her family, and working her way up in the mills of Blackburn could be the making of her fortune.

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