Charlie Changes Into a Chicken

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Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth
Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth
Charlie McGuffin is closer than ever to being able to control his crazy ability to turn into animals, but there are some things he can't control, like the arguments his parents keep having (which are making him more worried than ever) or the spate of mysterious animal disappearances spreading through town (which seem somehow to be connected to Charlie himself) or the fact that he doesn't have a date for the school dance (which is coming up fast). With the support of best friends Flora, Mohsen and Wogan, can Charlie unravel the mystery of the pet-nappings in time to shake a tail-feather at the disco? Or will his hidden adversary reveal Charlie's biggest secret to the world...?
Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex
Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex

'The modern masterpiece' - Daily Telegraph

When dad's business takes a sudden turn for the worse, the McGuffin family face the terrible prospect of having to sell their house and move in with Aunt Brenda and her seventeen cats (and wooden leg).

Only Charlie and best friends Flora, Mohsen and Wogan can save the day. If they can break into the fortress-like offices of Van Der Gruyne Industries and recover the McGuffins' stolen gold, maybe Charlie won't have to move away after all.

Trouble is, the pressure is getting to Charlie, making it harder for him to control when he changes into an animal - and harder still to change back. Can Charlie's friends help him master his powers once and for all, or will he end up stuck as a pigeon forever . . . ?

The second book in this middle grade series perfect for David Walliams fans is a hilarious blend of humour and heart, brilliantly illustrated by Sarah Horne.

'So good you'll cluck with laughter' - Pamela Butchart
Charlie Changes Into a Chicken
Charlie Changes Into a Chicken
Charlie McGuffin has an incredible secret...

He can change into animals. All sorts of animals, in fact: a flea, a pigeon, even a rhino.

Trouble is, it only happens when he gets worried, and right now, Charlie has quite a lot to worry about:

His brother (who's in hospital)
His parents (who are panicking)
And the school bully (who has Charlie in his sights)

With the help of his three best friends, Charlie needs to find a way to deal with his crazy new power - and fast.

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