DCI Daley Thrillers

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#12 - The New D.C.I Daley Thriller
#12 - The New D.C.I Daley Thriller
DCI Jim Daley returns in the gripping new thriller from the bestselling author Denzil Meyrick.

In Kinloch, Hamish is having bad dreams - so bad, he won’t leave the house. In the middle of the night, Brian Scott hears his phone buzz on the nightstand. It’s a message from Jim Daley, his old friend, which chills him to the bone.

‘She’s dead, Brian. I couldn’t take it anymore – I killed her! You have to help.’

When the body of a woman is discovered, Daley is arrested for murder. Scott believes he’s innocent, so who is trying to frame him? The search for answers will lead Jim and Brian on a dark journey into their past, putting them – and the people closest to them – in immediate danger.

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