DI Helen Grace Novellas

by 2 books in this series
#1 - No Way Back
#1 - No Way Back
Jodie's arriving at her third children's home. She's only fifteen.

Maybe this time will be different. She'll be safe. Looked after.

But the truth is Jodie has no one left to protect her.
She must defend herself. She must change.
#2 - Running Blind
#2 - Running Blind
Fresh out of Police College, 18-year-old WPC Helen Grace is the first to arrive on the scene of a fatal collision. Her colleagues see nothing amiss, convinced that the young man's death was a tragic accident. But Helen is not so sure.

Who is their mystery victim? Why would he risk life and limb running across a busy highway? And what might he have been running from?

There's a dark secret lurking amid the quiet fields of Hampshire, one that Helen is determined to uncover.

In this ebook novella, rookie Helen Grace discovers what it's like to be a woman in a man's world, facing impossible odds as she races against time to save vulnerable lives.

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