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There is fire in this girl. She is DRAGONBORN – and she will change the world.

Life isn’t fun for Alex Evans. Since her dad's mysterious death, she’s never managed to get anything right. Nothing is ever good enough for her controlling mother, who acts like her dad never existed. When the frustration inside Alex finally gets too big to bear, it rushes to the surface.

And fire spills from her mouth.

Because Alex is a dragon. One of the many who live among us, unknown and unknowing, unless something awakens their true nature. Led by the mighty Oliphos to the legendary island of Skralla, Alex must train alongside fierce, frightening dragon-children, if she is to unlock the power of her birthright.

But other dragons are rising too. Drak Midna, the greatest dragon of all, seeks to free himself from the curse that has trapped him in human form for a thousand years. The curse that has kept the world safe.

And Alex has to be good enough for this fight, or the world will burn.

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