Easterleigh Hall

by 3 books in this series
#1 - Easterleigh Hall
#1 - Easterleigh Hall
The first book in a compelling series set in County Durham just before the First World War. Perfect for fans of Longbourn and Downton Abbey.

When Evie Forbes starts as an assistant cook at Easterleigh Hall, she goes against her family’s wishes. For ruthless Lord Brampton also owns the mine where Evie’s father and brothers work and there is animosity between the two families.

But Evie is determined to better herself. And her training at the hall offers her a way out of a life below stairs.

Evie works hard and gains a valued place in the household. And her dream of running a small hotel grows ever closer.

Then War is declared and all their lives are thrown into turmoil.
#2 - Easterleigh Hall at War
#2 - Easterleigh Hall at War
The second novel in a compelling new series set in County Durham just before and during the First World War.

England is at war and Easterleigh Hall has been turned into a hospital for the duration of the hostilities.

With its army of volunteers and wounded servicemen, cook Evie Forbes is determined that everyone will be properly provided for, despite the threat of rationing and dwindling supplies.

All the while she waits for letters from her fiancé and beloved brother, fighting on the Western Front.

Then the worst happens – a telegram arrives with shattering news. And Evie wonders if she’ll have the strength to carry on…
#3 - A House Divided
#3 - A House Divided
As the storm clouds gather over Europe, life at Easterleigh Hall is about to change again


Evie and her family have struggled to keep Easterleigh Hall, now a hotel, running during the depression, and with war looming, she worries for the children, who have to find their way in a changing world.

Bridie is learning her trade at her mother Evie’s side, and is becoming a talented chef. Her cousin James has run away to fight in Spain, leaving the family devastated.

And Tim, the boy Bridie has always loved, shocks everyone by joining the Black Shirts and going to Germany, discovering too late that he’s playing a dangerous game.

Heartbroken at Tim’s defection, Bridie isn’t sure she can ever forgive him. But somehow these three must find a way to reconcile, because if war does come, they will need each other more than ever…

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