The Great War

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2014 marked the centenary of World War One, and bestselling author Stewart Binns undertook to write a novel a year for every year of the Great War. The Great War series follows the story of five British communities; their circumstances are very different but they will all share in the tragedy that is to come.
#1 - The Shadow of War
#1 - The Shadow of War
June 1914: the beginning of another long, prosperous summer for Britain. But all is not as it seems - the chill wind of social discontent swirls around this sceptred isle.

Shots ring out in a distant European land - the assassination of a foreign aristocrat. From that moment the world is propelled into a conflict unlike any seen before.

This is the story of five British communities, their circumstances very different, but who will all share in the tragedy that is to come. All that they have known will be changed forever by the catastrophic events of the Great War.
#2 - The Darkness and the Thunder
#2 - The Darkness and the Thunder
1915. The Western Front is a wasteland of barbed wire, shell craters and mud-filled trenches. Winston Churchill, searching for a solution to the stalemate, commits the Allies to a disastrous Gallipoli campaign.

As men on both sides die in droves, miners and mill-workers work tirelessly for the war effort while families confront the broken bodies of returning soldiers. Nurses, soldiers, politicians, factory-workers and children - all are torn apart by war, and for husbands and sons, mothers and wives, the old way of life is vanishing.

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