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#1 - The Word Is Murder
#1 - The Word Is Murder
A woman is strangled six hours after organising her own funeral.

Did she know she was going to die? Did she recognise her killer?

Enter Daniel Hawthorne, a detective with a genius for solving crimes and an ability to hold secrets very close.

With him is his writing partner, Anthony Horowitz. Together they will set out to solve his most puzzling of mysteries.

What neither of them know is that they are about to embark on a dark and dangerous journey whether the twists and turns are as unexpected as they are bloody.


'Raises the game-playing to Olympic level' Guardian Books of the Year

'A real page-turner. I loved it!' Aled Jones

'Horowitz blurs the line between fact and fiction' Financial Times

'Splendidly entertaining, absorbing and difficult to put down. Hawthorne is an intriguing character' Daily Express

'Sharp-witted readers who think they've solved the puzzle early on can rest assured that they've opened only one of many dazzling Christmas packages Horowitz has left beautifully wrapped under the tree' Kirkus Reviews

'Deduction and wit are well-balanced, and fans of Peter Lovesey and other modern channelers of the spirit of the golden age of detection will clamor for more' Publishers Weekly
#2 - The Sentence is Death
#2 - The Sentence is Death
Secrets can kill.

Smooth-tongued divorce lawyer Richard Price is bludgeoned to death at his London home.

Scrawled on the wall beside the body: the number 182.

What does it mean? And who was at his front door just minutes before he died and while he was still talking on the phone?

Confronted with this most baffling of mysteries, the police are forced to turn to private investigator Daniel Hawthorne.

Sunday Times

'My favourite literary hero at the moment is Anthony Horowitz' Shari Lapena

'Pure pleasure for readers ... A must-read delight.' WALL STREET JOURNAL

'Sheer genius ... A joy from start to finish' INDEPENDENT
#3 - A Line to Kill
#3 - A Line to Kill
On a small island, everyone's a suspect ...

Private Investigator, Daniel Hawthorne, and Anthony Horowitz have been invited to a literary festival on Alderney to talk about their new book.

They find the island in turmoil over a planned power line that is turning neighbour against neighbour. And the visiting authors seem to be harbouring any number of personal secrets.

When the festival's wealthy sponsor is brutally murdered, Alderney goes into lock-down.

With no one allowed on or off the island, Hawthorne knows he doesn't have to look too far for suspects.

But the killer is still on the island. And there's about to be a second death ...

Sunday Times

'Witty, wry, clever, a fabulous detective story and perfect summer reading' KATE MOSSE

'Funny, intriguing, thrilling and thought-provoking: a marvellous mystery' ADAM HAMDY

'My favourite literary hero at the moment is Anthony Horowitz' SHARI LAPENA
#4 - The Twist of a Knife
#4 - The Twist of a Knife
'Our deal is over.'

This is what reluctant author Anthony Horowitz tells ex-detective Daniel Hawthorne in an awkward encounter. The truth is that Anthony has other things on his mind.

His new play 'Mindgame' is about to open at London's Vaudeville theatre, and on opening night, Sunday Times critic Harriet Throsby gives the play a savage review.

The next morning she is found dead, stabbed in the heart with an ornamental dagger that has only one set of finger prints on it. Anthony's.

Anthony is arrested, charged with Throsby's murder, and thrown into prison.

Alone and increasingly desperate, he realises only one man can help him.

But will Hawthorne take his call?


'Funny, addictive and clever, and the crime fighting duo of Hawthorne and Horowitz are as entertaining as ever. Brilliant. I can't wait for more.' ADAM HANDY

''There's a lovely Hitchcockian feel to TWIST. The clock is ticking. It's a lot of fun.' IAN RANKIN

'The Twist of a Knife is a beautifully turned locked-room whodunit' THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

'A total joy. Anthony is a master entertainer, the genius twists and turns of his writing and plot keep me on the edge of my seat.' RORY KINNEAR
#5 - Close to Death
#5 - Close to Death
AVAILABLE ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST – THE SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION: features a gold foiled design underneath the dust jacket and is exclusive to the first print run in the UK only

How do you solve a murder... when everyone has the same motive?
From global bestselling Anthony Horowitz, a brilliantly entertaining new mystery in the Hawthorne and Horowitz series.

‘Easily the greatest of our crime writersSunday Times
‘Incredible plotting, richly layered and wonderfully intricate. I inhaled it' Liz Nugent
'A clever murder mystery…playful and twisty. Nobody does this crime fiction better than Anthony Horowitz’ Crime Time FM
Sheer genius … A joy from start to finish’ Independent
'An absolutely engrossing tale ... Kudos to anyone who can figure this one out!’ Starred Booklist
'Another delightful outing with Hawthorne and Horowitz. Each one is more inventive than the last. Keep them coming!' Shari Lapena

Richmond Upon Thames is one of the most desirable areas to live in London. And Riverview Close - a quiet, gated community – seems to offer its inhabitants the perfect life.

At least it does until Giles Kenworthy moves in with his wife and noisy children, his four gas-guzzling cars, his loud parties and his plans for a new swimming pool in his garden.

His neighbours all have a reason to hate him and are soon up in arms.

When Kenworthy is shot dead with a crossbow bolt through his neck, all of them come under suspicion and his murder opens the door to lies, deception and further death.

The police are baffled. Reluctantly, they call in former Detective Daniel Hawthorne. But even he is faced with a seemingly impossible puzzle.

How do you solve a murder when everyone has the same motive?

More love for Close to Death . . .

'Gloriously artificial, improbable, and ingenious. Fans of both versions of Horowitz will rejoice.’ Kirkus Reviews
'Turns the closed-circle mystery inside out’ New York Journal of Books
'The master of the mystery' Style
'The king of the clever whodunnit' Good Housekeeping
'A delirious concoction that transplants a Christie-style mystery into the present' Crime Time

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