Heavenly Bodies

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Heavenly Bodies
Heavenly Bodies

'This book will leave you begging for more from this unique world and scorching romance' Olivia Rose Darling, Fear the Flames

'There are books that lodge themselves into your subconscious, and become a part of you. Heavenly Bodies has joined this list, irrefutably. This is the best debut novel I’ve ever read' Molly Tullis, Consort of Darkness


You know the most dangerous kind of villain? A woman with nothing left to lose.

In a world ruled by the Stars, cruel and merciless gods, Elara has been cursed by fate.

A prophecy promises she will fall for a Star, but that it will kill them both.

Yet when the Star of Wrath and War descends to hunt Elara, the neighbouring kingdom sees an opportunity to take her from her home, the Kingdom of Night, to Helios, Kingdom of Light. Where she strides straight into the arms of an enemy prince.

There, Elara is forced to either let Prince Lorenzo train her into a weapon worthy of battling against the tyrannical reign of the Stars, or to accept her fate.

But there are shadows even within the Kingdom of Light – and they threaten to reveal the darkness in Lorenzo’s past and the ancient magic that slumbers in Elara’s veins.

And with it all, the undeniable, star-crossed pull between them…


'One of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE romantasies - ever. What does a girl need to do to make you pick it up!? The world building is phenomenal and is one of those stories that opens up more and more as you read it, and your mind is continually blown. Infinity stars' Tina @bookedtildawn, Reader Review *****

'Hands down my favourite fantasy series. I’m blown away. An absolute masterpiece. Every single thing about this book!!! I cannot form into words how much I love this series. It has everything you would want in a fantasy romance' Anna-Marie @annamareads, Reader Review *****

'From the very first chapter I was instantly drawn to the badass FMC and this dark world. For me, my favourite part was the romance, and being able to see the entire process of enemies to reluctant allies to lovers was so much fun and had me sobbing' Jessica @jessabibliophile, Reader Review *****

Fallen Stars
Fallen Stars

Stars will fall.

Elara is vengeful. Her love is in a deep sleep, trapped between the realms of life and death. Her enemy has vanished, Enzo’s only connection to the waking world with him.

And a life that Elara has never wanted has been thrust upon her, along with a new power she can not control.

Now a disgraced queen, Elara must find a way to wake Enzo, while also seeking the lost Titans, a league of gods who ruled the world long before the Stars.

But there is a darker power at play, one that even Ariete, King of the Stars, is afraid of. With enemies at every turn, Elara must tread carefully if she has any hope of waking her soulmate, and fulfilling her promise to make every Star fall.


'One of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE romantasies - ever. Infinity stars' *****

'Hands down my favourite fantasy series. It has everything you would want in a fantasy romance' *****

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