The House Witch

by 4 books in this series
#1 - The House Witch and The Enchanting of the Hearth
#1 - The House Witch and The Enchanting of the Hearth
When Finlay Ashowan joins the kitchen of the King and Queen of Daxaria, he’s
an enigma. Which suits Fin just fine. He’s satisfied simply serving as the royal
cook, keeping nosy passersby out of his kitchen, and concocting some truly
scrumptious meals.

But Fin has a secret, one that may not stay hidden for long . . .
As his past begins to catch up with him, Fin must negotiate court politics and
stay out of trouble, together with his familiar, the fluffy black kitten, Kraken.

But things become even more complicated when he catches the eye of a certain
lady who just so happens to be part of the royal court.

Can Fin successfully hide his secret and protect his heart? Or will the chaos of
the castle and its good-hearted people get the best of him?
#2 - The House Witch and The Charming of Austice
#2 - The House Witch and The Charming of Austice
Between his work for the King and Queen of Daxaria and a new (secret) relationship with Lady Annika Jenoure, Fin’s life is anything but tidy.
Annika is being forced from the castle after there are threats to her safety. All the while tension is brewing with Troivack and war seems to draw ever closer.
As if he doesn't have enough on his plate, Fin is soon promoted from cook to spy and sent into the city of Austice where he must sleuth out the plans of the Troivackian troops allegedly hidden there.
However, an unwelcome visitor is about to knock on his door, and Fin’s world starts to unravel . . .
#3 - The House Witch and When The Cat Spells War
#3 - The House Witch and When The Cat Spells War
Having somehow convinced Lady Annika Jenoure to marry him, all Finlay Ashowan wants to do is settle down, cook some good meals, and enjoy a quiet life in Daxaria.
But fate has different plans . . .

Fin’s father, Aidan Helmer – servant of King Matthias of Troivack – has arrived in the kingdom with devastating news: Annika’s brother Charles has been taken prisoner, and the only way his life will be spared is if she or Fin pleads his case.

Now it’s up to Fin, with the help of his wily kitten, Kraken, to attempt a daring mission of rescue and espionage.
But he’ll need to move quickly before his kingdom, and life, goes up in flames.
#4 - The Princess of Potential
#4 - The Princess of Potential
It’s been twenty years since Finlay Ashowan, the fabled house witch of Daxaria, first cooked up supernatural hijinks in the castle at Austice. Since then, much has changed.
The royal family has only just returned to the beloved city of Austice after nearly two decades. Peace has been established since the end of the war with Troivack, and the Crown Princess, Alina, is ready to pick the perfect nobleman to be her husband.

But the princess's quest for her ideal match is proving rather difficult.

Alina must manage expectations, flirtations and magical misadventures. All as she struggles to find her own place within her kingdom and understand the blossoming desires of her own heart . . .

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