Heartland Trilogy

by 3 books in this series
#1 - Butterfly on the Storm
#1 - Butterfly on the Storm
A young boy is found in woods outside Amsterdam. Broken and bloody, he appears to be the victim of a brutal hit-and-run.

Investigative journalist Farah Hafez, on visiting the site where the boy was found, comes across a burnt-out car with two bodies inside - a sinister clue to something far darker than a simple road accident.

It is just the start of a journey that will lead her into an intricate web of crime and corruption and deep into a past that Farah had sought to escape - a past that nearly killed her.
#2 - Angel in the Shadows
#2 - Angel in the Shadows
Journalist Farah Hafez has been kidnapped. Detained in Russia, she is forced to pledge her allegiance to a terrorist group on camera.

Now sought by international security and members of the criminal class alike, Farah flees to Jakarta.

If she is ever going to regain her freedom, she needs to discover the root of the evil that bought her here. The problem is that discovering this might cost Farah her life.
#3 - A Sea of Flames
#3 - A Sea of Flames
Saigon, 1965. War correspondent Raylan Chapelle has a horrifying experience, one that changes his life forever.

More than thirty years later in Moscow, journalist Paul Chapelle is investigating an attack on his former lover and colleague Anya Kozlova when he stumbles across a well-guarded secret of his father.

Around the same time, in the garden of the presidential palace in Kabul, journalist Farah Hafez relives a traumatic event from her childhood, something she has spent her life trying to forget.

The past casts deep shadows over the lives of these three people who are connected in unexpected ways, by both love and war.

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