Inspector Iwata

by 3 books in this series
#1 - Blue Light Yokohama
#1 - Blue Light Yokohama
Inspector Kosuke Iwata, newly transferred to Tokyo's homicide department, is assigned a new partner and a secondhand case. It's complicated and grisly - a family of four murdered in their own home by a killer who painted a hideous black sun on the ceiling before he left in broad daylight - and Iwata's progress is thwarted in the unlikeliest of places.

Fearing corruption among his fellow officers, tracking a killer he's sure is only just beginning his career and trying to put his own life back together, Iwata knows time is running out before either he's taken off the case or there are more killings . . .
#2 - Sins As Scarlet
#2 - Sins As Scarlet
Former homicide detective Kosuke Iwata is on the run from his past . . .

Five years ago, he lost his family. Now he may have found his redemption.

Living in LA and working as a private detective, he spends his days spying on unfaithful spouses and his nights with an unavailable woman.

Still he cannot forget the family he lost in Tokyo.

But that all changes when a figure from his old life appears at his door demanding his help.

Meredith Nichol, a transgender woman and his wife's sister, has been found strangled on the lonely train tracks behind Skid Row.

Soon he discovers that the devil is at play in the City of Angels and Meredith's death wasn't the hate crime the police believe it to be. Iwata knows that risking his life and future is the only way to silence the demons of his past.

Reluctantly throwing himself back in to the dangerous existence he only just escaped, Iwata discovers a seedy world of corruption, exploitation and murder - and a river of sin flowing through LA's underbelly, Mexico's dusty borderlands and deep within his own past.
#3 - Unknown Male
#3 - Unknown Male
With just weeks to go before the Olympics and the world's eyes firmly fixed on Tokyo the body of young British student, Skye Mackintosh, is discovered in a love hotel.

Tokyo's Homicide Department enlists the help of Kosuke Iwata. But it isn't long before he discovers the darkness in the neon drenched streets as Skye, like so many others, had her own secrets.

Lies and murder haunt a city where old ghosts and new whisper from its darkest of corners and the truth is always just out of sight. . .

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