Joseph Stark

by 4 books in this series
#1 - If I Should Die
#1 - If I Should Die
A homeless man walks into Greenwich police station and confesses to murder, an admission that should have cracked open a murder enquiry. Instead, he stumbles out on to the street and collapses, bleeding from a stab wound.

The newest member of the Met's murder investigation team, twenty-five year-old Afghan veteran Joseph Stark, doesn't believe the man's story. Yet it becomes clear that Stark and the down-and-out share a connection that could unlock the case.

The young detective and his colleagues are drawn deeper into a dark, disturbing world, where there's enough at stake for a man to risk everything.
#2 - Between the Crosses
#2 - Between the Crosses
No longer a trainee but a freshly-minted Detective Constable, Joseph Stark finds himself working a double homicide. Thomas and Mary Chase were shot dead in their London home, and first impressions are that this is a burglary-gone-bad.

But Stark is unconvinced. Burglary-Murders are usually a tragic case of unfortunate timing, but this felt like something else entirely. And when evidence arises to link this murder to a twenty year old cold case the hunt is well and truly on.

Following If I Should Die this second novel starring Joseph Stark continues to deliver pitch perfect characterization and complex plotting.
#3 - The Killer Inside
#3 - The Killer Inside
Julian Sinclair is a serial killer - charming, manipulative, deadly. He hunted girls for sport, and it's high time justice was served.

But when Sinclair's conviction is thrown out in court, DC Joseph Stark and DS Fran Millhaven find themselves forced to protect the man they're sure is guilty from those who would see him pay in blood.

Then another girl dies. And Sinclair can't have killed her from his hospital bed.

Is a killer lurking inside someone they never suspected?

And have they had the wrong man all along?
#4 - The Woman Who Fell
#4 - The Woman Who Fell
Lucinda Drummond, art history expert, was beautiful, clever, successful and loved.

When she is found at the bottom of her museum's Tulip Staircase during the pinnacle event of her career, people are as shocked as they are suspicious.

Who could have wanted her dead?

Detectives Joe Stark and Fran Millhaven are quick on the case, leading them into a world of high art and extravagant wealth that proves far more twisted than they could have imagined.

As the bodies begin to mount, and the case grows ever more complex, Stark and Fran must race discover the perpetrator - before the next victim falls . . .

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