Lancaster Prep

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#1 - Things I Wanted To Say
#1 - Things I Wanted To Say
Whit Lancaster burst into my life like a storm. The school with his family name on the sign. He can do no wrong here. This is his domain. He's a menace on campus. Yet his intense gaze fills me with a longing I don't understand. When he comes to my rescue one night, I welcome him into my room only for him to leave me alone in the night, taking my journal with him. Now he knows my secrets. And he promises to use them against me. I'll be ruined if my darkest secret gets out. So I made a deal with him . . .
#2 - A Million Kisses In Your Lifetime
#2 - A Million Kisses In Your Lifetime
Sweet, good girl Wren Beaumont is loved by everyone at Lancaster Prep.
Everyone but campus bad boy Crew Lancaster.
That is, until sparks start to fly during one psychology class when Wren realises there's more to life than good grades - and Crew finally understands what it's like to be in love . . .
Steamy, romantic and totally addictive. This is a love story for everyone who believes that true love really does happen when you least expect it
#3 - Promises We Meant To Keep
#3 - Promises We Meant To Keep
Spencer Donato. My brother's best friend and my dirty little secret. We fell for each other at Lancaster Prep. Sneaking around. Not wanting anyone to find out. He was my first love. We were made for each other, and I truly believed he was my forever. But then I did the unthinkable, and betrayed him. I thought I lost him for good... Until I saw him at my brother's wedding. Now he's older. Crueler. Unbearably handsome. We're drawn to each other still, but will Spencer be there when I need him the most? Or did I ruin us once again?
#4 - I’ll Always Be With You
#4 - I’ll Always Be With You
Weston Fontaine is the hottest senior at Lancaster Prep.

He could have any girl on campus, except for one.


I'm a Lancaster, meaning I'm basically untouchable-or so I thought. My family own the school which I have to endure before I can return to what I love most: ballet.

West doesn't make my time here easy. He's arrogant. Crude. Insufferable. Yet he's the only boy I've ever let touch me...

You see, West and I? We share a secret. In Paris, I revealed parts of myself to him I've never shown anyone else. And he did the same.

So what happens when you helplessly fall for the one person you know is bad for you?
#5 - You Said I Was Your Favorite
#5 - You Said I Was Your Favorite
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Nobody in our class pays attention to Daisy Albright and I think she likes it that way.

But when I'm sent to work in the headmaster's office every day with Daisy I am stuck staring at her pretty face, hearing her sweet voice and I start to make her laugh.

The more I get to know her, the more obsessed I become. And I think she feels the same way.

The problem? She's not part of my crowd. No one approves of us together. Not my friends, not my parents and not her father.

But I don't care what anyone thinks.

I always get what I want.

And I'm going to make Daisy mine.
#6 - Lonely For You Only
#6 - Lonely For You Only
Young heiress Scarlett Lancaster is delighted when her father tells her he hired a famous pop star and former boy band member to play at her eighteenth birthday. But delight becomes utter disappointment when it turns out he wasn’t talking about Harry Styles. No, Scarlett’s dad hired Tate Ramsey, former lead singer of a band that hasn't been popular for years.
Tate, after years of alcohol-fuelled partying is sober and ready for a comeback. He is in top form at Scarlett’s party and blows the audience away with his performance—though Scarlett herself still isn’t impressed. But an encounter ends in a kiss that surprises them both—and immediately goes viral.
#7 - All My Kisses for You
#7 - All My Kisses for You
Everyone loves Willow Lancaster, and every girl wants to be her.

After studying in Europe, she returns to Lancaster Prep, eager to kick off being a senior back with her friends and maybe even start something up with her old crush?

But everything has changed.

Her supposed best friend is dating her crush and everyone is obsessed with the new guy . . .

Rhett Bennett is gorgeous. Lethally charming. Absolutely full of himself.

And he’s all she can think about.

Then Rhett begins to feel the same way about her . . .

And now, she’s desperate to throw away her good girl reputation just for him.
#8 - Keep Me In Your Heart
#8 - Keep Me In Your Heart
The seventh book set amongst the backdrop of the scandelous and deliciously addictive Lancaster family, now following a whole new generation . . .

This time we see Rowan Lancaster caught in a whirlwind romance full of spice and tension right until the very end.

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