Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know Trilogy

by 3 books in this series
Dangerous to Know
Dangerous to Know
Once, serial killer Alvie Knightly was living the dream. Unlimited cash. An Italian getaway. A hot new boyfriend...

How the mighty fall.

One year - and one unfortunate incident with a shotgun - later, Alvie is living in a London hostel, living off meal deals and counting her dwindling pennies.

So far, she's kept her head down. But when a cop shows up at her home, Alvie freaks out.

It's time for action, and if anyone can pull off one last hit - in six inch heels - it's Alvie. But if she's to succeed in her mission to avenge her ex, win back her money and secure her future, she'll have to face her most terrifying enemy yet: her past.
Alvie Knightly worked hard for her money. Some might disagree - but it isn't easy to cheat your way to a fortune.

So when she wakes up one morning to discover that every penny has disappeared - and that her hot new boyfriend, Nino, has disappeared with it - she's furious.

Tracking Nino to Rome, Alvie's determined to do whatever it takes to get her money back... and take sweet revenge on Nino in the process.

But can she win back her perfect life before her crimes catch up with her?
Beth has always been the golden girl, leaving her twin Alvie in her shadow. Beth has everything Alvie ever wanted - the money, the hot husband, the cute baby, the fast car.
So when Beth invites Alvie for seven sun-drenched days at her lavish villa in Sicily, Alvie accepts. Just because she can't stand Beth doesn't mean she can't enjoy a slice of her decadent lifestyle.
But her usually goody-two-shoes sister has a hidden agenda. And when the twins swap identities for a day, it ends badly for Beth. Very badly.
It's Alvie's chance to steal the life she deserves . . . if she can get away with it.
But what if having it all really means risking everything?

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