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#1 - Nightweaver
#1 - Nightweaver
It’s been six hundred years since humanity was chased from the land to the ocean by Nightweavers, mystical beings cursed with untamed power over the elements. Humans, like seventeen-year-old pirate Aster and her family, were left to sail the seas, scavenging and looting what they could, eking out a meagre life.

But after an epic battle where her eldest brother is killed by a new kind of monster, Aster soon learns that this world holds beings more terrible than Nightweavers. And when she and her family are captured at last, taken into the employ of a handsome Nightweaver lord named William Castor, she understands that his kind might just hold the key to avenging her brother’s death.

Alongside the brooding Will, a reckless mask-wearing pirate named Captain Shade, and a myriad of morally grey characters, Aster embarks on a thrilling quest to undo the wrongs against her family and her kind. But as blood is spilled and magical alliances are broken, dark secrets and illicit romance threaten to unravel everything Aster’s ever known, loved and fought for…

NIGHTWEAVER is an exhilarating YA mixture of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and modern fantasy romances like Sarah J. Maas’s THRONE OF GLASS, Leigh Bardugo’s SHADOW AND BONE, and Lauren Knowles’ POWERLESS.

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