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#1 - Nowhere (Nowhere Book 1)
#1 - Nowhere (Nowhere Book 1)
'No one's coming for us.
Not our families, not the police.
No one.'

Alyn, Jes, Ryan and Elsa are Nowhere.
A concrete cube in the middle of a dense forest.

Imprisoned inside are one hundred teenagers from all over the country.
They're all criminals. But none of them remember committing any crimes.

Who has put them there? What do their captors want?
And how will they ever break free . . . ?
#2 - Anywhere (Nowhere Book 2)
#2 - Anywhere (Nowhere Book 2)
'We're miles from anywhere, and we don't have a clue where we're going'

Deep in a snow-covered forest Alyn, Jes, Ryan and Elsa have escaped from prison. Now they're being hunted.

They quickly realise they have a special talent - they can control the world around them.

Now they must use this skill to stop themselves falling into greater danger. But can they master it before their deadly enemies close in - for good?

#3 - Somewhere (Nowhere Book 3)
#3 - Somewhere (Nowhere Book 3)
In hiding with the mysterious Guild, Alyn, Jes and their friends learn of a way to destroy the prison called Nowhere and end the Pledge's project for good.

But another, far more dangerous figure, has plans to send the country spiralling into anarchy and chaos. Will the gang be able to stop him in time, or might it already be too late...?

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