Redville Saints

by 3 books in this series
#1 - Sweet Collide
#1 - Sweet Collide
Aiden Slate may be the captain of the Redville Saints and NHL’s hottest hockey hero, but he has a tarnished past that he’s still running from. Desperate to get one area of his life under control, he seeks the help of a stranger.

One night with Cassidy was supposed to be enough to turn things around and get his head back in the game. Instead, Cassidy made herself an integral part of his routine, helping him to control his compulsive nature. She’s gotten under his skin, and he doesn’t want to let her go.

Unfortunately for Aiden, his past has caught up with him. He learns this the hard way when the truth about Cassidy is revealed. She isn’t some random woman, but the girl he left behind when he was trying to escape his life. The girl who was always there for him. The one that made it possible for him to get away.

Can they have a chance at love, or will the past and Cassidy’s lies be enough to tear them apart again?
#2 - Twisted Collide
#2 - Twisted Collide
Dane Sinclair is on top of the world and not at all interested in settling down. With a Stanley Cup win just under his belt, he’s dead set on putting his career first. Captivated by an alluring stranger at the bar, he opts for a night of pleasure.

Except this one night bleeds into Monday, when he arrives to practice and meets the new intern for the Saints.

Not only is the captivating stranger from the bar the new intern, but she’s also the coach’s daughter.
Josie is off-limits, a forbidden temptation that Dane knows he should resist.

The consequences of their relationship being discovered could be catastrophic for both of them. Despite his best efforts, Dane finds himself unable to stay away from her, putting his standing with the Saints at risk.
#3 - Beautiful Collide
#3 - Beautiful Collide
Hudson Wilde is just as fun as he is fierce. The wild card of the Redville Saints, that runs through women, leaving a pile of broken hearts in his wake. His best friend’s little sister is completely off limits.

From the moment they meet, Hudson and Molly clash. She doesn’t appreciate his partying ways, and he’s annoyed by how much she’s around, constantly looking down on him. What does she care about the things he does?

Forced to spend time together while on the road, Hudson and Molly’s hatred soon morphs into something unexpected. A spark ignites and one drunken night changes everything.

Hudson sees Molly in a new light. A forbidden fruit he wants to taste. A line he’s willing to cross. A challenge he wants to accept.

Because one thing is for certain, Dane would never approve. Engaging in a secret relationship with your best friend's sister will undoubtedly lead to trouble.

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