The Sea Detective

by 4 books in this series
#1 - The Sea Detective
#1 - The Sea Detective
Cal McGill is an Edinburgh-based oceanographer, environmentalist and one-of-a-kind investigator.

Using his knowledge of the waves - ocean currents, prevailing winds, shipping records - McGill can track where objects came from, or where they've gone. It's a skill that can help solve mysteries ranging from disappearances to murder.

Two severed feet wash up on two different islands off the coast of Scotland. Forensics shows that the feet belong to the same body. As Cal McGill investigates, he unravels a web of corruption, exploitation and human trafficking, which threatens many lives across the globe - including his own...
#2 - The Woman Who Walked into the Sea
#2 - The Woman Who Walked into the Sea
Cal McGill is a Scottish oceanographer and one-of-a-kind investigator who uses his knowledge of the waves to find where objects came from, or track where they've gone.

His expertise could help solve the disappearance of Megan Bates who, twenty-six years ago, strode out into the ocean and let the waves take her away.

Megan's daughter, Violet Wells, was abandoned as a baby on the steps of a hospital, hours before the mother she never knew committed suicide.

As McGill is drawn into Violet's search, they must together navigate the jealousies, secrets and threats of this tight-knit coastal community . . .
#3 - The Malice of Waves
#3 - The Malice of Waves
Five years ago, fourteen-year-old Max Wheeler disappeared from Priest's Island, an isolated but bleakly beautiful place on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the close-knit local community, there are no secrets, except what happened to Max. None of the police or private investigations since have shed any light on what happened the night he went missing, presumed dead.

But there is one man who has yet to take on the case: The Sea Detective.

Cal McGill is an oceanographer and unique investigator who uses his knowledge of tides, winds and currents to solve mysteries no one else can.

However, Cal is an unwelcome stranger who must navigate the tensions between Max's inconsolable father, the broken family he has neglected, and the embittered locals, resentful after years of suspicion.

As Cal arrives, a violent storm approaches, threatening to completely cut off the island, with a possible murderer at large. . .
#4 - The Driftwood Girls
#4 - The Driftwood Girls
Twenty-three years ago, Christina Tolmie vanished without trace from northern France, leaving her young daughters Kate and Flora orphaned and alone.

Now Flora is also missing. In desperation, Kate searches her Edinburgh house, and finds a piece of notepaper with just one name: Cal McGill.

Cal is a so-called sea detective, an expert on the winds and the tides, and consequently an exceptionally gifted finder of lost things - and lost people.

Kate hopes that Cal might not only find her sister, but also unlock the mystery that has overshadowed both women's lives: what happened to their beloved mother all those years before?

Unfortunately, Cal doesn't think he can help. But that's only because he hasn't yet realized that the dark undercurrents of the case will ultimately lead him back dangerously close to home . . .

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