The Soul Series

by 3 books in this series
#1 - The Soul Hunters
#1 - The Soul Hunters
Have you ever experienced dreams so vivid it seems like you have lived them? Or had déjà vu so strong you're convinced you must have been there before?

For Genna, déjà vu comes almost as regularly as breathing. And that's exactly what Genna thinks she is - regular. A regular schoolkid, with a best friend who teases her for her love of history class, and parents who nag her about homework.

But when a strange boy turns up in her life and starts acting like he knows her, it sets in motion a chain of events that turn Genna's world upside down. Her past is a lot more complicated than she could ever have expected - and her future even more so.

Because Genna isn't regular at all. It's one thing to harbour an ability she could never have imagined - and quite another to realize that the future of humanity rests on her shoulders.

And there are beings out there who will kill in order to stop her ...
#2 - The Soul Prophecy
#2 - The Soul Prophecy
'I saw him die right in front of my eyes.'
'That you did,' replies Damien.
'But you underestimated his power. Tanas is back and stronger than ever . . .'

When Genna's parents are murdered, the police put the tragedy down to a burglary gone wrong. But Genna knows the truth: her nightmare is far from over, and the Soul Hunters are back.

With home no longer safe, she flees to America to find Phoenix, the only one who can help her. There she meets other Incarnates and Soul Protectors, people like her, tasked with protecting the Light.

But it's not long before Genna realizes the truth - nowhere is safe for her, not while the Hunters are still seeking. And it's only a matter of time before she comes face-to-face with Tanas once more, miraculously incarnated into a brand new body and hungry for Genna's soul.

She can try to run, but evil never dies . . .
#3 - The Soul Survivor
#3 - The Soul Survivor
Genna has lost everything. Her home, her parents, and now her only safe sanctuary. Forced to flee Haven, she faces a difficult decision: hide and survive, or stand and fight?

Determined not to let Tanas win, Genna embarks on a desperate quest across continents to save the Light of Humanity. But can she and her friends complete their mission before Tanas and her Hunters catch up with them?

Time is running out. And the clues to their quest are few and far between. Genna can only hope her soul will survive long enough to save the world . . .

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