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The Nursing Series

by 2 books in this series
#1 - Miss Nightingale's Nurses
#1 - Miss Nightingale's Nurses
Discover the first heartwarming novel in Kate Eastham's nursing series in this gripping and compelling story of strength

'Deftly written . . . a moving account of loss, as well as self-discovery and achievement' Woman's Own
'A vivid, entertaining read which brought history alive' 5***** Reader Review

From the docks of Liverpool to a distant battlefield, can one girl find her brother and save herself?

Ada Houston's life is shattered when her brother Frank goes missing following an accident at the docks. But a short time later she hears a rumour that he survived and left Liverpool to fight a foreign war.

Determined not to lose him a second time she boards a ship to bring him home. But the battlefields of the Crimea are a hostile place for a penniless young woman.

Then one day a lifeline is thrown her way as she is offered the chance to train as a nurse under the famous Florence Nightingale. Working in the most terrible of conditions, Ada shows an aptitude beyond anyone's expectations as she cares for her injured countrymen, makes new friends and enjoys the first flutter of romance.

But Frank is still missing and she needs to find him before it's too late . . .


'A wonderfully written book' 5***** Reader Review

'Gripped me right from the start' 5***** Reader Review

'You felt you were with them' 5***** Reader Review
#2 - The Liverpool Nightingales
#2 - The Liverpool Nightingales
A heart-warming and moving tale of courage and friendship set in Victorian Liverpool, for fans of Call the Midwife, Daisy Styles and Nadine Dorries.

'Deftly written and moving'
Woman's Own

Liverpool, 1870

One act of kindness will change a young woman's life forever . . .

On the dirty backstreets of Liverpool, housemaid Maud Linklater witnesses an appalling accident. Rushing young chimney-sweep Alfie to hospital, she helps nurse the boy on the overcrowded ward - and finds herself with a new job.

Maud cannot believe her luck at joining trainees Alice and Eddy at the new Nurses' Training School and they form the closest of bonds.

Then one day Alfie is abducted. Maud and the girls know the alleyways and slums of Liverpool are no place for a lost little boy.

Can these determined women find Alfie before it's too late?

'A heartwarming and tear-inducing tale with wonderfully realistic characters' Woman

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