Worktown Girls at War

by 3 books in this series
#1 - Her Wartime Secret
#1 - Her Wartime Secret
Bolton, Lancashire: 1940

A family torn apart by war, held together by a secret . . .

Janie and her husband James have a strong, loving marriage. A move from an inner-city slum to a peaceful new estate outside of Bolton should have been a fresh start for them and their three children. But when war is declared and James announces he has signed up, Janie fears it's the beginning of the end.

Waving goodbye to their menfolk is a sacrifice that families are making all over the country and Janie does her best to make do, forging friendships in her new community.

But when James comes home on leave a traumatised and desperate man, then goes AWOL, Janie's heart goes out to him. Determined to keep him safe, she plans to hide him in their new house. But how long can they keep the secret, and what threats lie ahead if they're found out?

A page-turning new wartime saga about love, friendship and secrets, for fans of Katie Flynn and Rosie Goodwin.
#2 - A Daughter’s War
#2 - A Daughter’s War
At seventeen, Renee Rushmore lives at home with her father Ivan - a cruel man who rules the house with an iron fist and keeps Renee isolated and alone. She is desperate to escape him, but with no friends to help her, what hope does she have?

Then war breaks out. With factories and farms looking to take on female workers, Renee dares to hope that her freedom might be within grasp. And when she hears through a kindly local farmhand named Jimmy that Oak Valley Farm is in need of help, she might just have found her chance.

But her father's eyes are on her day and night. With the help of Jimmy, will Renee be able to escape Ivan's cruelty and find happiness at last?

Readers love Emma Hornby:
'Similar to Rosie Goodwin and Dilly Court, Emma Hornby tells a brilliant story'
'Emma Hornby's books just keep getting better and better'
'Emma is a wonderful storyteller and I can't wait for the next one!'
#3 - A Sister’s Fight
#3 - A Sister’s Fight
Bolton, Lancashire: 1943

Livvy knows that her family's survival rests on her shoulders - with her parents gone, it falls to her to support her grandfather and younger sister, Joan. Times are tough and Livvy will struggle to keep her family safe with the meagre pay most jobs would afford her.

When US soldiers are stationed nearby, Livvy decides to take advantage of the opportunity to make some easy money and, along with her best friend, begins selling herself on the streets. Despite the harsh judgements of society, Livvy perseveres with her challenging choice for her family's sake.

Livvy must be careful to hide her unsavoury secret. But when one US soldier takes too much of a shine to her, Livvy's life begins to spiral out of control . . . Will she be able to right things, or will everything she's fought to protect come crumbling down?

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