The Wildenstern Saga

by 2 books in this series
#1 - Ancient Appetites
#1 - Ancient Appetites
Nate Wildenstern's brother has been killed, and the finger is pointed at him . . .

After nearly two years, eighteen-year-old Nate returns home to the family empire ruled by his father - the ruthless Wildenstern Patriarch. But Nate's life is soon shattered by his brother's death, and the Rules of Ascension, allowing the assassination of one male family member by another, means he's being blamed. He knows that he is not the murderer, but who is?

With the aid of his troublesome sister-in-law, Daisy, and his cousin Gerald, he means to find out. But when the victims of the family's tyrannical regime choose the funeral to seek their revenge, they accidentally uncover the bodies of some ancient Wildenstern ancestors, one of whom bears a Patriarch's ring. The lives of Nate and his family are about to take a strange and horrifying turn . . .
#2 - Wisdom of Dead Men
#2 - Wisdom of Dead Men
If you're head of the Wildenstern clan, you can expect someone'll try to kill you at some point or another. And usually when someone does, it's a member of your own family.

But, right now Berto Wildenstern, and his brother Nate, have more pressing matters on their minds . . . local women seem to be spontaneously combusting and no one's quite sure why!

Wild mechanical creatures, explosions, deceptions, twists and turns with a host of fantastic otherworldly characters - imagine The Godfather meets Philip Reeve and you have Wisdom of Dead Men.

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