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Crown Papers
Crown Papers
The dramatic sequel to Crown House

It's 1933 and we are back at Crown House where the Minster family are gathering to enjoy the Easter holiday. However, Crown House isn't the idyll it first appears, and a brutal murder disrupts the genial gathering. There's a secret that's been buried for years and the Honourable Mrs Jenny Gaunt is determined to uncover the truth but is she prepared to lose everything she holds dear in the process? Meanwhile, Lady Caroline, who has recently begun a new relationship, is ready to face the consequences of her past actions. Still close with the House of Windsor, Lord and Lady Minster and their family must embark on a new decade, one of change and upheaval.

Set across the backdrop of the 1930s and encompassing everything from the silver jubilee of George V to the rise in popularity of Oswald Mosley, this compelling and dramatic sequel builds on the Crown House story. Tradition and continuities are brought into conflict with a changing world as the Minsters must find their place between a bygone era and a fast-paced future. Follow the highs and lows of the Minster family through changing times, scandal, and tragedy, where past and present collide in this thoughtful and compelling drama of a family like no other.

Based on the popular Crown House novels by Peter Ling, this six-part drama is written by Juliet Ace (The Archers, Young Victoria) and Peter Ling (The Avengers, Doctor Who). Dinah Sheridan, best know for her roles in Genevieve and The Railway Children, reprises her role as Lady Minster and Geoffrey Whitehead stars as Lord Minster.

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Cast and credits
Written by Juliet Ace and Peter Ling
Directed by Tracey Neale

Lady Minster - Dinah Sheridan
William, Lord Minster - Geoffrey Whitehead
Beatrice, Dowager Countess - Margaret Rawungs
Richard, Viscount Ebony - Michael Cochrane
Polly, Viscountess Ebony - Melinda Walker
The Hon Nicholas Gaunt - Mark Straker
The Hon Mrs Jenny Gaunt - Helena Breck
Lady Caroline Gaunt - Deborah Makepeace
The Hon Martin Gaunt - Richard Pearce
Sir Charles Bowyer - Brett Usher
Lady Gina Bowyer - Shelley Thompson
Scott Hanson - Colin McFarlane
Speaker in meeting - Alan Barker
Paul Weyman - Philip Sully
Muriel Beasley - Joanna Myers
American Matron - Jan Whittenshaw
American Nurse - Adjoa Andoh
Mr Darrell - Nigel Carrington
Lady Cloudesley/A stranger - Susan Sheridan

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, September 1991
Crown House
Crown House
A very royal saga about The Crown and a very historic house

In this story of Crown House, the grand home of the Ministers, the bond is built between the Minister family and the House of Windsor in this tale of changing times and unvarying traditions. This is a tale of two families and a fresh era for the Minsters of Crown House, and the Royal Family of Windsor.

The series follow the birth of a royal baby and the growing closeness of William Minster and his wife Alice to the King and Queen. The life of Crown House's staff, as Jenny Webster, the housekeeper's daughter, watches the developments of the beloved Minsters and the saga unfolds between rich and poor, upper-class and lower-, old and young. Both above and below stairs find their lives changed by the passing years, as they are hit by scandal and heartbreak, accidents and loss, love and secrets.

Crown House is a moving story of change and upheaval, with an all-star cast including Jane Asher (Brideshead Revisited, Holby City), Martin Jarvis (Just William, Ring for Jeeves), Dinah Sheridan (The Railway Children, Genevieve), Gayle Hunnicutt (A Woman of Substance, Dallas), Richard Pasco (Mrs Brown, A Dance to the Music of Time), Geoffrey Matthews (Coronation Street, The Day of the Triffids) and many more. Written by Juliet Ace (The Archers, Young Victoria) and Peter Ling (The Avengers, Doctor Who)

From Peter Ling's Crown House novels, this drama series shines a light on a very different side of the Windsors, and is just the thing for listeners of Cromwell Vs The Crown, Flying the Flag, and Encounters with Victoria.

Cast and credits

Jenny - Jane Asher
Old Bea - Margaret Rawlings
Gina - Gayle Hunnicutt
Alice - Dinah Sheridan
Richard - Martin Jarvis
William - Richard Pasco
Nicholas - Dominic Rickhards
Lady Flora Kelso - Margaret Ward
Sir Charles - Geoffrey Matthews
Caroline - Cara Kelly
Edith - Barbara Atkinson
Polly Harvey - Polly James
Paul Weyman - John Pullen
Mrs Webster - Eva Stuart
Nursemaid - Diana Olsson
Hawkins - John Samson
Grace Duncan - Barbara Hunt
Scott Hanson - Ian Michie
Grace Duncan - Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Miranda - Andrea Kealy
Martin - Henry Power
Rollo Paton - Norman Bird
Thelma, Lady Furness - Shelley Thompson
Louie - Simon Cuff
Instructor - Philip Sully
Cockney Girl - Alice Arnold
Tram conductor - Richard Tate
Charles Lindbergh - Ed Bishop
Telephone operator - Caroline Gruber
Landlady - Zelah Clarke
Barman - Peter Craze
W T Carpenter - David Goudge
Seaman - William Simons
Radio announcer / Stoker - Michael Tudor Barnes

Written by Peter Ling and Juliet Ace
Produced by Graham Gauld

Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4:
30 October - 18 December 1988

©2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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