Why we love Fifty Shades of Grey

Gitte and Jenny of Totally Booked Blog have supported E L James ever since they first hungrily read Fifty Shades of Grey. Here, they share why they fell in love with the series and why Christian and Ana have become 'their friends'

Totally Booked on EL James

Gitte and Jenny’s friendship was forged from a love of books and they started Totally Booked Blog together. There is no doubt that they are Fifty Shades super fans! They have supported EL James by attending every event that she has done in the UK and have loved the books and the characters from day one. We would like to thank them for their honest and heartfelt piece which shows just how much the series means to them.

It was Christmas 2011 when we stumbled upon a book called Fifty Shades of Grey and knew we had to read it immediately because everyone was talking about it. We devoured it and didn’t hesitate or take a breath before moving onto Fifty Shades Darker. We counted the days till Fifty Shades Freed was released and as soon as it went live on our kindles at midnight, we inhaled every word. Whilst we were both avid readers prior to meeting Mr Grey, there is no question it opened our reading hearts to a new exciting genre and it started an amazing personal journey we could never have envisaged.

For us this series is a romance which features a hero who’s suffered so much he’s lost himself and shut down his heart. His heart’s silence a response to the fear of hurt, pain and further breakage. A man who has no idea that he’s merely existing. That is, until he meets Ana, a heroine who is perceived as a vulnerable fragile young woman when, in fact, it is she who displays real strength and conviction over the series. Whilst we fell in love with Ana, we have to admit it was Christian who ultimately stole our hearts. For us to feel this protective of a book character came as a surprise, but nonetheless that is exactly how we feel and always will about Christian Grey.

We cried, laughed, swooned and gasped as we lived, breathed and experienced two beautiful characters’ journey of not only finding love but also finding their true selves as they each drew out what was fundamental to their very being. E L James wrote two incredibly special characters, each taking their own personal path in order to heal or grow. Two characters who, unbeknownst to themselves, needed the other. The vivid imagery created through the words of E L James created a series so passionate and unique it can never be forgotten. In fact, it can be re-read and each time it creates the same reactions before. Christian and Ana have become our friends.

E L James started a reading revolution which caused people across the world to pick up books once more and connect with other readers; like us. Her love, care and respect for her characters resonated with us; her words shot straight from her heart into ours.

They say you will never forget your first; well, for us, this has never been truer than in the case of Fifty Shades.

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