How to defeat terrorism

Tamer Elnoury, a US undercover agent, on the lessons he has learned in a lifetime of fighting terrorism, and how talking about it can help

How to defeat terrorism

In order to defeat your enemy, you must first understand them

Banning Muslims from the United States throws gas on the myth that the world is at war with Islam. I believe there should be a strict vetting process, but our world becomes more dangerous when we shut our doors to immigrants.

I was born Sunni Muslim in Egypt and came to the United States when I was just a child. I remember the day that I became a naturalized U.S. citizen - I was ten years old. My parents still sent me to Islamic school every Sunday to maintain my religion. We traveled back to Egypt almost every summer so I'd never forget my culture. My mother only spoke Arabic to me so I'd always know my native language. None of that made me less patriotic. I've served my country for twenty-two years and counting.

Keeping our doors open ensures that when we are threatened by an enemy, we will always have someone who looks like them to help defeat them. Our best defense is inclusion.

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