The Dalai Lama on the role of social media

A Call for Revolution is the Dalai Lama’s manifesto for young people. He shares the importance that social media can play in forming a ‘compassionate revolution’ - urging youth to unite rather than divide.

Dalai Lama

Non-violence is a pragmatic solution to contemporary conflicts. In spite of having experienced war and repression in my own country, where for over sixty years the People’s Armed Police has enforced a reign of terror under orders from Beijing, stifling the freedom and dignity of the Tibetan people, I remain an ardent spokesman for world peace.

Everything that I write is for the purpose of explaining how to create the conditions necessary for peace, both within each of us and all around us. If I did not believe in the possibility of peace, I would not be able to continue this conversation. War today is a complete anachronism.

Legally, we no longer even declare war, and in some counties all that is required to authorise military operations is a parliamentary vote. The old bellicose ideologies are outdated and every armed conflict provokes demonstrations for peace in major cities around the world. I rejoice when I see you, in your tens of thousands, rallying in solidarity for the causes of reconciliation and human rights. Witnessing huge numbers of young people demonstrating in support of humanitarian issues fills my heart with joy.

A Call for Revolution

'As digital natives, you were born world citizens, for digital culture has no borders'

Thanks to the rapid development of information technology, you are the first generation of truly global citizens. Learn to use social networks with discernment to speed up and spread awareness without letting internet and online gaming become a drug that you cannot do without! Be sure to transmit independently verified information in the service of truth and ethics. Be careful not to spread fake news.

As digital natives, you were born world citizens, for digital culture has no borders. Is it not the case that in your minds young people from all over the world are your friends, companions and partners, rather than your competitors, rivals and enemies?

It is undoubtedly true that war is part of human nature. But the genocides of the past century made your parents and grandparents mindful, and led them to cry, ‘Never again!’ It was they who showed that it is possible to resolve human conflicts through dialogue and non-violence.

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