Books that feel like a warm hug

After the book equivalent of a mug of cocoa to read over the Christmas break? Something so endearing you can’t help but smile? Here our are favourite cosy, comforting reads - perfect for Christmas gifting, and beyond.

Covers of Richard Mabey's books against a botanical background.
Image: Ryan McEachern/Penguin

Sometimes we read to be entertained, sometimes we read to learn more, and sometimes, every once in a while, we want to read something that simply makes us feel better. At Christmas, that's certainly the case: whether you're having a quiet one this year, or simply want to dive into an uplifing read at a time of good cheer. The books that gently transport us away from the world, and into someone else’s; the books that have a surefooted happiness at the end. For a few hours, whatever’s happening outside those pages can hit pause: there’s some seriously comforting reading to be done in these titles.

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