An illustration of an ice cream van, where books are being given out

What you should read, according to your taste in ice cream

Is it possible to determine a person’s reading habits from their choice of frozen milk? We think it is. Here's what your heatwave craving says about your book tendencies. 

In the UK, at least, the mercury doesn’t have to rise much higher than around 18 degrees to legitimise excitement at the sound from an ice cream van. From childhood nostalgia to sweet-tooth satisfaction, the range of frozen desserts on offer means that there's a summer treat for just about everybody.

Dangerously few people, however, are aware of the strict correlation between ice cream choice and taste in books. To remedy this, we've called in a crack team from the Literary Office of Lickable and Luscious Iced Extravagant Somethings to weigh in and help the populace connect their hot weather delicacy of choice to their next reading pick. No need to thank us.





Tub of Ben and Jerry’s

Mini Milk





Foot Lolly

If your favourite ice cream is a Foot Lolly, we think erotic fiction might be right up your street. We'll thank you kindly not to ask any follow-up questions. 



Ice pops

Choc ice

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Image: Alicia Fernandes/Penguin

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