14 of the best Tracy Beaker quotes

Tracy Beaker is always getting herself into trouble – whether it’s with teachers in school, her foster parents, or all the horrible children who live with her in the Dumping Ground! But while Tracy can be naughty, she can also be kind. Here are 14 of her all-time greatest one-liners. 

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Tracy Beaker

1. There was that time Justine was really getting on her nerves… 

'That moron Justine.'

2. And one name for her just wasn’t enough. 

'Justine-Argy-Bargy-Littlewood' – 'Justine-Smug-Bug-Littlewood' – 'Justine Foghorn-Littlewood' – 'Justine-Impossibly-Hateful-Littlewood' – 'Justine-Very-Vulgar-Littlewood.'

3. Animal insults? Yep. They’re always a winner… 

'Justine. That Monster Gorilla.'

4. And why insult just one person when you could insult two? 

'That stupid pair of titterers.'

5. Everyone knows that all the best insults rhyme.

'...silly squitty twitty Peter Ingham.'

Tracy Beaker

6. Or have something creepy about them… 

'Clear off, you stupid little creep.'

7. And if all else fails, a good old food-based insult should do the trick! 

'...cowardy cowardy custard.'

8. But looking after others really matters, especially people who are smaller than you… 

'There was a lovely little baby at this other home… she was a really sweet kid with fantastic hair that I used to try to get into loads of little plaits.'

9. Tracy is always kind when others are having a bad day (or night!) 

'So I huddled down beside him for a bit and when I felt him shivering I put my arm round him and told him he was quite possibly my best friend ever.'

Tracy Beaker

10. She loves to share with others… 

'I sort of sidled up to her and dropped a lollipop on her lap… lollipops can be very soothing to the stomach.'

11. And give presents to those who need it most.

'You’ll never guess what I did. I gave her my Mickey Mouse pen.'

12. There was even that time Tracy got a present, too.

'"Do you really really really like your Valentine’s Locket, Tracy?" "Yes, I do. I’m going to wear it all the time."'

Tracy Beaker

13. Remember, if someone does something well, be sure to let them know! 

'"Well done Peter", I said. I gave him such a congratulatory clap on the back he nearly shot across the table.'

14. If all else fails. Give a compliment. Just like Tracy does. 

'"Oh wow, you look wonderful… please please please make me up to look like you."'

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