6 of the most gloriumptious Roald Dahl heroes

They’re adventurers, geniuses and maverick inventors. They’re curious, spirited and plucky. They’re all different, but they have one thing in common – they’re all heroes.


Six-year-old Matilda is an exceptional child. She loves reading and writing, and even enjoys playing a trick or two on her neglectful parents! With the help of her teacher Miss Honey, heroine Matilda realises she has some more unusual powers which may just be the key to teaching her wicked head teacher Miss Trunchbull a well-deserved lesson.

An illustration by Quentin Blake of Roald Dahl's character Matilda sitting on a pile of books with her hands in the air.
Illustration by Quentin Blake


Heroic Billy’s mother says he must never go into the forest. But of course, he just can’t resist and so his Minpin-filled adventure begins. It’s a good job he’s got bags of bravery to match his curiosity because he soon finds himself coming nose-to-smoke-belching-nose with the fearsome Gruncher (who’s also got a taste for Minpins, eek!). It’s up to Billy to find a way to save the day – which is no small task when you’re up against a beast more feared than a Whangdoodle!

An illustration by Quentin Blake of Roald Dahl's character Billy holding a little main in the palm of his hand.
Illustration by Quentin Blake


Lucky Charlie Bucket finds a golden ticket that changes his life – but it’s his kindness and big-hearted family values that make him a real hero. When he goes into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory with Grandpa Joe he quickly discovers that not all children are as generous as him – although that’s not to say he doesn’t love a whipple-scrumptious fudge mallow delight as much as the next Oompa-Loompa! 

An illustration by Quentin Blake of Roald Dahl's character Charlie looking at the golden ticket he has just found in a bar of chocolate.
Illustration by Quentin Blake


George is something of an accidental scientist and a fearless one at that. His Grandma, however, is a grizzly old grunion so one day George decides to mix her a most-marvellous medicine. It turns out he’s an experimenter in the making and comes up with an incredible concoction that makes one of his family’s chickens grow to ten times its original size. Can you even imagine a chicken that big!?

An illustration by Quentin Blake of Roald Dahl's character George holding up a bottle and looking at it.
Illustration by Quentin Blake


Oh, brave Sophie! Every human bean across the world owes this spirited little girl a lot. One day she’s snatched away by the BFG (that’s the Big Friendly Giant, to you) but rather than cowering in Giant Country forever, she comes up with a plan to save all the children of the world. She’s fearless and resilient and if Her Majester was to vote for her favourite hero ever, then Sophie would quite possibly be her favourite.

An illustration by Quentin Blake of Roald Dahl's character Sophie standing still and smiling.
Illustration by Quentin Blake


Adventurous James is an orphan who loves travelling the world and helping his ever-so-unusual friends. A true explorer, James heroically navigates his team of giant insects all the way across the Atlantic and through the clouds while aboard the Giant Peach.  His curious home may be a tad juicy and ever-so-squishy, but it’s much more fun than living with his mean and cruel aunts.  You’ll have to read his story to find out where they land...

An illustration by Quentin Blake of Roald Dahl's character James standing still and looking upwards.
Illustration by Quentin Blake

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