Daddy Pig’s top tips for reading with your child

Make reading together exciting with a little help from Daddy Pig. The fun-filled tales of Peppa and family are a great way to encourage young readers to love books, while reading a story together before bed as part of a regular nightly routine is the perfect way to get your little one ready to visit the land of nod. Here are his top tips for reading with your own little piggies.

Daddy Pig's top tips for reading

1. Trying new ways of reading makes things fun -- young children thrive on variety! Visit your local library or favourite bookstore for a wide range of Peppa Pig books and materials to help you read with your child.

2. Bring stories to life with your voice. Read with expression and use different voices for each character. Encourage your child to join in and ham it up together for lots of giggles!

3. Choose a book for different events in your child’s life - it’s a great way to talk about and understand first experiences. Children like to read about things they’re interested in.

4. Talk about the story before and afterwards with your child. Ask them to choose their favourite characters, which part of the story they liked best, and so on.

5. Keep up the bedtime story routine and let your child choose which stories to hear each night.

6. Look at the front cover and ask your child what they think the story is about. If your child cannot read the words, encourage them to look at the pictures and tell their own stories -- they love to be inventive!

7. The most important tip is to make reading a choice, not a chore. Let your child pick what they want to read and keep things fun -- they’ll want to read more!

Daddy Pig is the new Ambassador for BookTrust. With two little piggies of his own, he knows how important reading and sharing stories is. For more tips and tricks the BookTrust have launched a free new booklet featuring advice of TV parenting expert Jo Frost as part of their Bath, Book, Bed campaign: an initiative encouraging families to make stories part of every child’s bedtime routine. Visit www.booktrust.org.uk/bathbookbed to pick up your free copy.

Download a Peppa Pig reading certificate for your little one:

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