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Make your own Funnybones costume

Dress up as a spooky skeleton in this fun DIY costume from Allan and Janet Ahlberg's classic tale Funnybones.

Puffin team
A photo of the Funnybones costume on a bright yellow background

You will need:

  The Funnybones mask, printed onto paper or card

•  A pair of scissors

•  A piece of elastic or string

•  Colouring pencils

Funnybones mask template:

How to make it:

1.  Print out the Funnybones mask on A4 paper or card.

2.  Carefully cut out the mask and each of the eyeholes.

3.  Cut out the holes for the string and thread through the back of the mask.

4.  Tie a knot at each side, and put your spooky mask on for the most frightening fun!

Complete your look with a skeleton onesie for maximum scares! Now you should have everything you need to look like Big Skeleton, for the perfect Funnybones-inspired outfit.

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