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Make a Greg the Sausage Roll Christmas tree decoration

Adorn your Christmas tree with your very own Greg the Sausage Roll! Follow our step by step tutorial to make your own delicious looking tree decoration.

Lydia Rowl
A photo of a handmade Christmas tree decoration of Greg the Sausage Roll surrounded by tinsel, baubles and other decorations, as well as a copy of the new Greg the Sausage Roll book
Photo: Lydia Rowl

You will need:

Photo: Lydia Rowl

• Coloured foam sheets (these can be purchased cheaply on Amazon). Alternatively, you could use coloured card, or painted cardboard.

• Scissors

• Glue gun or double-sided tape

• Googly eyes (alternatively cut some eyes out from white card)

• Felt tip pens or sharpies

• Ribbon (or string)

How to make:

1. On your coloured foam sheets or card, draw a Greg/sausage roll shape, a present, hat, scarf and any other accessories.

Photo: Lydia Rowl

2. Cut these out. If you need help drawing shapes, use tracing paper to use on the book illustrations or find some basic templates online.

Photo: Lydia Rowl

3. Assemble your shapes and use a glue gun or tape to stick everything together. Don't forget the googly eyes! Draw on any extra details (like Greg's smile) using your felt tip pens or sharpies.

Photo: Lydia Rowl

4. Cut approximately a 12cm piece of ribbon and glue it behind Greg's head.

Photo: Lydia Rowl

5. Voila – your decoration is ready to hang!

Photo: Lydia Rowl

Big thanks to Lydia Rowl for putting together this crafting activity! For more crafting content, check out Lydia's Instagram @liddierowl

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