5 grumpy characters we can totally relate to

Got the blues? Maybe it’s just a wrong-side-of-the-bed kind of day. We’ve all had the grumps at one time or other - here are five very grumpy characters we can all relate to. 

5 grumpy characters

This very grumpy frog

Grumpy Frog is very grumpy. He really doesn’t like the colour pink. And he hates losing at his favourite game, hopping. It isn’t his birthday and everything is just wrong! We’ve all been in a Grumpy Frog-style tizzy – some days just don’t go to plan. 

5 grumpy characters

One very bad-tempered Ladybird

We can all feel a little bit tetchy at this time of year – like Eric Carle’s bad-tempered ladybird, who picks fights with every animal it meets, no matter how big or small.  But, after a whole day of being bad-tempered, the ladybird realises that life is much better when you’re in a good mood!

5 grumpy characters

Don’t forget Pom Pom (he really gets the grumps)

Some days, Pom Pom gets out of bed on the wrong side. Then nothing is right. The sun is too sunny. The birds are too noisy. There are even bits in his juice. All he can do is say “Harrumph!”, and when everyone else is having fun without him… well, Pom Pom might just have to SHOUT!

5 grumpy characters

Meet Justine Littlewood, she’s Tracy Beaker’s arch nemesis!

Justine Littlewood is Tracy Beaker’s arch nemesis. She’s fiery tempered and determined to get her own way. Sometimes she’s mean to people but only because she’s afraid of being left out or getting hurt. But underneath it all, she’s really quite brave and can be a fierce and protective friend. 

5 grumpy characters

And finally, the under-appreciated earthworm

The stoic earthworm does his best, but it’s not easy when you’ve got nature’s pests incessantly chuntering at you and no-one seems to quite appreciate your unique skillset. World weary you may be, but inevitably you’ll be the one to save the day - even if that means being live-bait!

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