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Which member of the Frostheart crew are you most like?

Discover which member of the Frostheart crew you’re most like with our cool quiz. 

Puffin team

The climactic conclusion to Jamie Littler’s mystical trilogy, Frostheart 3: Rise of the World Eater, has almost arrived at its final destination – your eager hands. There’s snow place like home.

Yes, Ash and the eclectic crew of the resilient Frostheart sleigh are back, and this time, the stakes are earth-shatteringly high. In fact, they’re at melting point – and when the terrain is a wintry abyss, that’s not good. Luckily, these sleigh-mates, with their unique personalities and arsenal of skills, have each other. Together, they can slay anything. Let’s hope…

Care to see which member of the Frostheart crew you’re most like? Take our frosty quiz to find out. We should get going, though – if you’ve got what it takes, we may need you on board for this one. Snow joke: we’re going to need a bigger sleigh.

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