Penguin Random House Children’s announces darkly magical new tale from bestselling author Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher

The Creakers tells the story of Lucy, who wakes up one morning to discover that all the grown-ups in her town have mysteriously disappeared. Determined to find out what happened and to bring them safely home, she discovers they have been snatched away to a spooky and magical world by the monsters under the bed, who have a most unusual motive - the Creakers.

Fiction Editorial Director Natalie Doherty said: ‘The response to Tom’s fiction debut, The Christmasaurus, was overwhelmingly positive and exciting, and has really established Tom as a leading voice in children’s fiction. He’s a writer of huge talent and creativity, whose enthusiasm for his wonderful characters and stories is evident in every line. We have been consistently excited by his imagination and new ideas over the last five years, from The Dinosaur That Pooped series to The ChristmasaurusThe Creakers will be just as much of a treat: inventive, funny, incredibly atmospheric and darkly magical. We can’t wait to share this new story with readers.’

Tom Fletcher said: ‘I am so excited to announce my new children’s novel - The Creakers. After writing The Christmasaurus and getting to meet so many young readers last year, I couldn’t wait to start writing again. I feel very honoured to be able to create new stories for children young and old. Now, we all know that something lives under the bed, it’s a fact. I thought it was time to discover exactly who they are, and what they want. I can’t wait for kids to meet the Creakers...if they’re brave enough.’ 

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