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In May 2018, Penguin Random House Audio and Ministry of Stories launched their first ever audio collection of 35 short stories, written and recorded by children aged between 8 and 12 and and published as an audiobook CD entitled The World was an Avocado. The unique publishing project is part of a partnership between Penguin Random House UK and Ministry of Stories, which is now in its third and final year.

The World Was An Avocado
The World was an Avocado CD cover

Click here to read more about our audio project. Ministry of Stories’ has released 10 stories on its podcast, available on Apple iTunes. An additional story will be released every Monday morning with some podcast episodes are introduced by authors, and Ministry of Stories patrons, including Charlie Higson, Nick Hornby, Nikesh Shukla and Sophie Kinsella.

Colleagues from Penguin Random House Audio and the Creative Responsibility team

Hannah Telfer, Managing Director of Audiences & Audio, shares the speech she gave at the launch event for The World was an Avocado:

"I wanted to start by saying thank you to Ministry of Stories. We have absolutely loved working with you all to bring your stories to life.

"And what stories! I have been listening to them over the last week and they are just brilliant. I have worked with authors and books for over 20 years and I can tell you that your stories are up there with the very best.

"You have conjured up such an amazing breadth of characters and you have taken us on adventures we could never have imagined for ourselves.

"Your stories shock, they surprise, they terrify and they delight.

"There’s super sharp toenails, mortal enemies, unicorns at airports, blood sharks, candy songs, worlds made of avocados – and by the way I agree, avocados are disgusting – there’s killer cows, special powers and masters of fire.

"Your stories are full of wisdom and of wonder.

"Most importantly by sharing your stories and letting us listen we can hear your voices. That has been the greatest pleasure of working with you all and I hope each and every one of you knows just how important your voice is. Please keep telling us your stories.

"And I want to finish by saying thank you. Thank you to all of the children involved. Thank you to Ministry of Stories and especially thank you to Rebecca Fortuin who dreamt up this audio adventure, to Gemma Buss and Roy McMillan for joining her on it, and to every one of you here who have given your expertise and your time so generously."

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