Daisy Styles

Home Fires and Spitfires
  • Home Fires and Spitfires

  • A heartwarming and moving story of inspiring women set at the beginning of World War II - fans of Katie Flynn, Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey will love this.


    It is June 1940, and as the bombs fall the women at home must dig deep . . .

    Tucked on the edge of the Lake District lies Mary Vale, a Mother and Baby Home open to unmarried women and their children. But tensions arise when three very different women walk through the doors.

    First there is plucky shipyard worker Gracie, who must overcome her shame when the man who swept her off her feet turns out to be married. Diana, newly engaged, is forced to abandon her work for the Women's Auxiliary Force to head to Mary Vale, when her fiancé goes missing in action days before the wedding. While isolated and bedraggled Zelda turns heads when she arrives on the doorstep from the ghettos of Germany.

    At Mary Vale unity is key as the bombs keep falling. But can these women put their differences aside to fight a common foe?

    Praise for Daisy Styles

    'Will tug at the heart strings of readers everywhere. Wonderful!' Fiona Ford, author of The Liberty Girls

    'Well done Daisy for creating characters that are real women in the best sense. Funny, scheming, loyal and witty, but about all, hardworking and proud. An absolute joy to read' Kate Thompson, bestselling author of Secrets of the Home Front Girls

    'Truly endearing characters' Annie Murray, bestselling author of Now The War Is Over

RELEASED 20/08/2020

Daisy Styles grew up in Lancashire, surrounded by a family and community of strong women whose tales she loved to listen to. It was from these women, particularly her vibrant mother and Irish grandmother, that Daisy learned the art of storytelling. There was also the landscape of her childhood - wide, sweeping, empty moors and hills that ran as far as the eye could see - which was a perfect backdrop for a saga, a space big enough and wild enough to stage a drama, one about women's lives during the Second World War.