Wartime Midwives Series

by 4 books in this series
A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love
Stella, cook at a munitions factory, has fallen for a handsome GI. He proposes when she falls pregnant, but soon his letters stop arriving . . .

Then there is Lillian, conscripted as a Land Girl. After her growing friendship with the married vet becomes serious, Lillian faces the ultimate choice.

Meanwhile, midwife Ada is back to work after the birth of her own baby and faces her biggest challenge after an outbreak of Whooping Cough . . .

Each woman comes from a different walk of life but they are determined to be the very best mothers, and friends.
Keep Smiling Through
Keep Smiling Through
It's 1942 and nestled on the edge of the Lake District is Mary Vale, a sanctuary for expectant mothers.
Its doors open to two women from London with vastly different experiences. Rosie Lashley, a war widow,arrives with her two children and is relieved to have somewhere safe to give birth. Whilst beautiful socialite, Sybil Harwood, would rather be anywhere else and is desperate to have the baby and return to her glittering life in the capital.
But Mary Vale must soon pull together after the army threatens to requisition the Home.
Can this Home survive the War? And can these women find sanctuary in one another?
Home Fires and Spitfires
Home Fires and Spitfires
It is June 1940, and as the bombs fall the women at home must dig deep . . .

Tucked on the edge of the Lake District lies Mary Vale, a Mother and Baby Home open to unmarried women and their children. But tensions arise when three very different women walk through the doors.

First there is plucky shipyard worker Gracie, who must overcome her shame when the man who swept her off her feet turns out to be married. Diana, newly engaged, is forced to abandon her work for the Women's Auxiliary Force to head to Mary Vale, when her fiancé goes missing in action days before the wedding. While isolated and bedraggled Zelda turns heads when she arrives on the doorstep from the ghettos of Germany.

At Mary Vale unity is key as the bombs keep falling. But can these women put their differences aside to fight a common foe?
The Wartime Midwives
The Wartime Midwives
1939. Mary Vale, a grand and imposing mansion, sits on the edge of the Lake District. Its doors are open to unmarried women who come to hide their condition and find sanctuary.

Women from all walks of life pass through Mary Vale, from beautiful waitress Emily, whose boyfriend has vanished without trace, to young Isla, cast out by her wealthy family after her first year at university goes horribly wrong.

Awaiting them are Nurse Ada and Sister Anne who work tirelessly to aid the mothers and safely deliver the babies. But the unforgiving Matron and Head of Governors, Captain Percival, have other, more sinister, ideas.

As war looms the women at Mary Vale must pull together for the sake of themselves and their babies, and Ada and Anne must help protect their patients, no matter what the cost.

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