Nicolás Obregón

Black Suit City
  • Black Suit City

  • Nicolás Obregón

    Tokyo. 2020.

    As Japan prepares to host the Olympic Games an English exchange student is bludgeoned to death in a love hotel. She lies in an empty room with only a dead spider for morbid company. Could this be a calling card from her killer?

    The world's eyes are on the Tokyo Homicide Department and Commissioner Shindo is desperate for a lead. Before his department descends into disarray he summons his old protégé, Kosuke Iwata.

    But Iwata wants no part in an investigation that means stepping back into a past he had no intention of revisiting. Until he is given an offer he can't refuse.

    Black Suit City is a novel of lies, power and deadly obsession. As Iwata attempts to uncover a city's darkest secrets he encounters old ghosts and new whispering from its hidden corners.

    Praise for Nicolás Obregón

    'Masterpiece' - Jeffery Deaver

    'I'm awestruck' - A. J. Finn

    'A dark, brutal ride' - Anthony Horowitz

British born of a Spanish father and a French mother, Nicolás Obregón grew up between London and Madrid. As a travel writer, Nicolás has had an extensive experience of Japan, but the beginning of his fascination with the country came from watching Japanese cartoons as a young boy. Nicolás Obregón is a graduate of the acclaimed Birkbeck Creative Writing Masters course and a former bookseller for Waterstones. His first novel was Blue Light Yokohama. He lives in Los Angeles