James Patterson

Jailhouse Lawyer

Jailhouse Lawyer

Two gripping legal thrillers


'I couldn't put down Jailhouse Lawyer, a page-turning legal thriller' Tony Messenger
'A writer with an unusual skill at thriller plotting' Mark Lawson, Guardian
'Nobody does it better' Jeffrey Deaver

Two brand-new legal thrillers in one book - from the authors of Juror No. 3

A young lawyer takes on the judge who is destroying her hometown - and ends up behind bars...

In picture-perfect Erva, Alabama, the most serious crimes are misdemeanors. Speeding tickets. Shoplifting. Contempt of court.

Then why is the jail so crowded? And why are so few prisoners released? There's only one place to learn the truth.

Sometimes the best education a lawyer can get is a short stretch of hard time.

Praise for James Patterson

'The master storyteller of our times' Hillary Rodham Clinton
'One of the greatest storytellers of all time' Patricia Cornwell
'James Patterson is The Boss. End of.' Ian Rankin
'No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent' Lee Child
'Patterson boils a scene down to the single, telling detail, the element that defines a character or moves a plot along. It's what fires off the movie projector in the reader's mind.' Michael Connelly

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