Clive Cussler

The Grey Ghost
  • The Grey Ghost

  • Clive Cussler

    Does a stolen antique car hold the clue to a secret fortune?

    Wife-and-husband treasure-hunting team Remi and Sam Fargo head to England to help Viscount Albert Payton recover a fortune that was lost along with the family's good name a hundred years ago. It is believed this treasure was linked to the theft of a Rolls-Royce prototype called the Grey Ghost which legendary detective Isaac Bell long-ago helped recover. Unfortunately, the treasure itself is still missing.

    But when the Grey Ghost is once-more stolen - this time from right under the noses of the investigating Fargos - and the Viscount himself also vanishes, Remi and Sam know this mystery has taken another twist.

    Little do they realise it is a life-endangering one . . .

    'The adventure king' Sunday Express

RELEASED 13/06/2019

Clive Cussler is the author and co-author of a great number of international bestsellers, including the famous Dirk Pitt® adventures, such as Havana Storm; the NUMA® Files adventures, most recently The Rising Sea; the Oregon Files, such as Typhoon Fury; the Isaac Bell historical thrillers, which began with The Chase; and the recent Fargo Adventures which lastly included The Gray Ghost. He lives in Arizona.