Abir Mukherjee




Your kids are missing, accused of plotting to kill thousands. Can you find them before it's too late?

It's a week before the presidential elections when a bomb goes off in an LA shopping mall.

In London, armed police storm Heathrow Airport and arrest Sajid Khan. His daughter, Aliyah entered the USA with the suicide bomber, and now she's missing, potentially plotting another attack on American soil.

But then a woman called Carrie turns up at Sajid's door after travelling halfway across the world. She claims Aliyah is with her son and she has a clue to their whereabouts. Carrie knows something isn't adding up - and that she and Sajid are the only ones who can find their children and discover the truth.

On the run from the authorities, the two parents are thrown together in a race against time to stop their kids and prevent a catastrophe the likes of which the world has never seen.

For fans of Adrian McKinty's The Chain, Clare Mackintosh's Hostage and global bestseller I Am Pilgrim, this blockbuster contemporary thriller will turn your world on its head.

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