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Just a Classic Minute

Just a Classic Minute

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24 archive editions of the much-loved BBC Radio 4 panel game chaired by Nicholas Parsons

Like a treasured piece of furniture, Just a Minute has graced the living rooms and kitchens of radio listeners for more than 50 years. Comfortable, relaxing and easy to sink into, it has long been the seat of sparkling comedy, infectious laughter and intelligent humour. We invite you once again to enjoy the fine patina of another top-drawer collection of classic episodes.

In these 24 previously unpublished editions, first broadcast between 1978 and 2009, the redoubtable players attempt to speak without hesitation, repetition or deviation from the given subject. Nicholas Parsons is in the chair, to introduce proceedings and adjudicate on challenges.

Seasoned players Kenneth Williams, Peter Jones, Derek Nimmo and Paul Merton compete alongside guests including Bernard Cribbins, Sheila Hancock, Barry Cryer, Alfred Marks, Stanley Unwin, Richard Murdoch, Wendy Richard, Richard Morton, Tony Hawks, Graham Norton, Fred MacAulay, Greg Proops, Blythe Duff, Tim Rice, Jenny Eclair, Julian Clary, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Linda Smith, Sue Perkins, Ross Noble, Charles Collingwood, Maureen Lipman, Pam Ayres, Dara O’Briain, Gyles Brandreth, Shappi Khorsandi and Ian McMillan.

NB: Contains mild innuendo. The humour in these programmes sometimes reflects the era in which they were first broadcast. Due to the archive nature of some of the episodes, the sound quality may vary.

Cast and credits

Devised by Ian Messiter

Chaired by Nicholas Parsons

Episode selection by Michael Stevens

Music: The Minute Waltz (Waltz in D Flat Major, Op. 64) by Chopin

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the following dates:

Episode Guide

1 21 February 1978

Featuring Bernard Cribbins, Sheila Hancock, Derek Nimmo, Kenneth Williams

2 25 December 1979

Featuring Peter Jones, Lance Percival, Derek Nimmo, Kenneth Williams

3 11 August 1984

Featuring Barry Cryer, Peter Jones, Tim Rice, Kenneth Williams

4 16 May 1987

Featuring Peter Jones, Derek NImmo, Tim Rice, Kenneth Williams

5 30 May 1987

Featuring Peter Jones, Alfred Marks, Tim Rice, Kenneth Williams

6 2 May 1989

Featuring Peter Jones, Derek Nimmo, Tim Rice, Stanley Unwin

7 30 May 1989

Featuring Peter Jones, Paul Merton, Richard Murdoch, Derek Nimmo

8 24 March 1990

Featuring Peter Jones, Paul Merton, Richard Murdoch, Wendy Richard

9 30 January 1993

Featuring Peter Jones, Paul Merton, Richard Morton, Derek Nimmo

10 3 February 1996

Featuring Tony Hawks, Peter Jones, Derek Nimmo, Graham Norton

11 17 February 1996

Featuring Tony Hawks, Peter Jones, Fred MacAulay, Derek Nimmo

12 11 January 1997

Featuring Peter Jones, Paul Merton, Neil Mullarkey, Derek Nimmo

13 3 January 1998

Featuring Paul Merton, Derek Nimmo, Graham Norton, Greg Proops

14 10 August 1998

Featuring Blythe Duff, Tony Hawks, Paul Merton, Derek Nimmo

15 1 February 1999

Featuring Jenny Eclair, Steve Frost, Peter Jones, Tim Rice

16 5 February 2001

Featuring Julian Clary, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Paul Merton, Linda Smith

17 6 August 2001

Featuring Tony Hawks, Ross Noble, Sue Perkins, Tim Rice

18 14 August 2006

Featuring Charles Collingwood, Tony Hawks, Paul Merton, Sue Perkins

19 16 July 2007

Featuring Pam Ayres, Maureen Lipman, Paul Merton, Dara O’Briain

20 17 September 2007

Featuring Gyles Brandreth, Julian Clary, Jenny Eclair, Paul Merton

21 14 January 2008

Featuring Gyles Brandreth, Janey Godley, Tony Hawks, Kit Hesketh-Harvey

22 11 August 2008

Featuring Tony Hawks, Shappi Khorsandi, Ian McMillan, Paul Merton

23 29 December 2008

Featuring Charles Collingwood, Shappi Khorsandi, Paul Merton, Graham Norton

24 21 September 2009

Featuring Pam Ayres, Tony Hawks, Sue Perkins, Tim Rice

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