Hayley Hoskins

The Whisperling Twins

The Whisperling Twins


Gloucester, 1918.

Nin and Lemon Esmond share a special bond. They're sisters - twins - whisperlings. Which means they have the power to speak with ghosts.

Britain is at war, and Lemon - the more daring of the pair - is frustrated that they have to stay at home. Surely they can use their special gift to help in some way?

Nin doesn't share her sister's need for adventure, but when they see reports of missing whisperlings in the papers, the twins know they must work together to solve what's happening...before they're next.

Yet what awaits them on the dark streets of Gloucester isn't simply an adventure, but a battle of their very own...

Praise for The Whisperling:

'A thrilling Gothic page-tuner' - Jacqueline Wilson

'One of the best debuts I've read in years!' - Emma Carroll

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