Lesley Eames

Evacuees at the Wartime Bookshop

Evacuees at the Wartime Bookshop


Victoria is looking for a life away from the dangers of wartime London for herself and two orphaned children. Her search takes her to Churchwood in Hertfordshire which looks ideal, but the village residents are already dealing with their own problems . . .

Alice is working hard to get the village bookshop back up and running after the previous premises were destroyed. The new building is in urgent need of repair and a builder has been hired, but where is he and where is the money he was paid?

Kate is struggling to work out the next steps in her relationship with pilot Leo. Will he expect her to meet his parents? Knowing they are rich and elegant, Kate suspects they'd want their son's sweetheart to be the same - not a country bumpkin like her with barely a penny to her name.

Meanwhile, Naomi shows kindness to Victoria and her evacuees but is she biting off more than she can chew, especially when she is confronted with a surprising intruder . . .

With so much trouble and uncertainty in the village, can Victoria and her little family find the safe haven they crave?

Evacuees at the Wartime Bookshop is the third novel in the uplifting Wartime Bookshop series, perfect for fans of Donna Douglas and Elaine Everest

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