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Raven Kennedy



The next exciting novel in the TikTok-beloved, smash-hit series by the Sunday Times bestseller (Plated Prisoner, 5)


The latest novel in the smash-hit Plated Prisoners by Sunday Times bestselling author Raven Kennedy

'Find me in another life. Find me in them all'

It all ends now. . .

But Every end is also a beginning.

I was supposed to die. If it weren’t for Slade, I would have. But he tore a hole the world I know and I went through it. To Annwyn. To home.

Annwyn is the realm of the fae, a magical place full of beauty and danger.

Here, I am known as Lyäri Ulvêre – the golden one gone. And there are people in this world who want to keep me that way.

But I am not that girl in the gilded cage anymore, and I won’t be used again. Nor stopped on my way back to Slade.

I am my own woman. And I will find him. In this world, or the next.

Praise for The Plated Prisoner Series

'Raven writes with a magic that comes to life on the page. Every single word gleams like gold'
Beck Michaels, author of Divine Blood

'This is one of those series that started off phenomenal, and only gets better with every subsequent book' Laura Thalassa, author of The Bargainer Series

‘An astonishing world with captivating characters and a story you won't be able to put down' Ivy Asher, author of The Osseous Chronicles and The Lost Sentinel Series

'This series is amazing and I can't recommend it enough.' Kay Thatcher, author of Prince of Blades

'TEN GILDED STARS! Remarkably original. . . gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous' Olivia Wildenstein

'An emotional rollercoaster' Elizabeth Brown, author of Blood Crown

*Gleam by Raven Kennedy featured on The Sunday Times bestseller list May 2023*

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