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Heart Hassle

by 5 books in this series
#1 - Signs of Cupidity
#1 - Signs of Cupidity
Even a cupid can be love-struck . . .

For years, Emelle has been a cupid - the ultimate matchmaker to help others fall in love. But this job means that she has no physical body and can't be seen by anyone. Or fall in love, herself.

Not ideal for a romantic.

Unfortunately, she becomes responsible for some rather bad matchmaking. So much so, she's punished and exiled from the human world.

Finding herself among the fae, she hopes things will be better in this new realm.

They're not.

Fed up, she angrily fires Love Arrows at a fae prince, but he retaliates, and suddenly, she's pushed out of the Veil.

Now, she has a real body. A real life. And she is ready for some matchmaking of her own.

This time, she's going to find love for herself.

But can this cupid find it?

Signs of Cupidity is Book One in the fun, addictive and sexy Heart Hassle series
#2 - Bonds of Cupidity
#2 - Bonds of Cupidity
She found love. Now, she needs to try and keep it.

She spent years in the Veil as an invisible cupid. Unable to talk, touch or love anyone, which made her a little bitter.

Now, Emelle has a life . . . and a bounty on her head. The fae prince wants her dead, and her three gorgeous genfins are arrested. The royal culling trials are about to begin, but Emelle isn't going to let everything be taken from her without a fight.

There's rebellion in the air, a princess who's not all she appears to be and a lamassu fae who claims to be Emelle's mate.

Love is getting complicated.

But to a cupid, it always is.

Bonds of Cupidity is Book Two in the fun, addictive and sexy Heart Hassle series
#3 - Crimes of Cupidity
#3 - Crimes of Cupidity
Is falling in love multiple times really such a crime?

This cupid says no.

Emelle used to be just a stupid cupid helping others fall in love (or not) and living a loveless life.

Everything changed when she went to the fae realm and was no longer invisible. Her sole goal was to find love for herself, and she did. With four fae men.

Too bad she found trouble too.

She's somehow become an accidental spy for the kingdom's rebels, and there's a war brewing in the realm.

All this cupid really wants to do is spread a bit of love . . . but she'll have to spread a bit of fight first.

Good thing there's nothing a cupid will fight harder for than love.

Crimes of Cupidity is Book Three in the fun, addictive and sexy Heart Hassle series
#4 - For the Love of Cupidity
#4 - For the Love of Cupidity
Welcome to Happily Ever After . . .

Emelle and her four mates are now parents, and their nest is growing.

Aside from the impending delivery she has to prepare for, Emelle also happens to be the cupid boss, which means she needs to train the new recruits just in time for Valentine's Day.

With cupids, and babies, and her harem mates, she's got her hands full.

Yet as she knows, if you can't do something with love, then it's not worth doing at all. Luckily, she still has plenty of that to go around.

And she's about to get a lot more love back than she expected...

For the Love of Cupidity is a novella and Book Four in the fun, addictive and sexy Heart Hassle series
#5 - Sheer Cupidity
#5 - Sheer Cupidity
What will a cupid sacrifice for love?

Lex has always tried to be the perfect cupid.

But during the battle for the fae realm, a power blast that should have ended her immortal life hit someone else.

Belren, a fae male, stepped in front of her at the last moment - and died.

Unable to let go of her guilt, Lex finds herself returning to the island he died. And finds him - his handsome but ghostly figure haunting the place.

The truth is, he was haunting her long before he became a ghost.

They might have a second chance at love, but first, she's going to have to help him let go of his unfinished business.

Too bad she doesn't know that business is her.

This cupid needs to rediscover what she does best - and create her own love story . . . Before she loses him forever.

Sheer Cupidity is a stand-alone spin-off, and Book Five in the fun, addictive and sexy Heart Hassle series

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