• Really?


    Clarkson's Back - and he's really had it this time.
    From his first job as a travelling sales rep selling Paddington Bears to his latest incarnation as gentleman farmer, Jeremy Clarkson's love of cars has seen him through some deeply trying times.

    And in a world so persistently infuriating there's sometimes nothing for it but to throw up your hands and ride full-throttle over the speed-bumps.

    But as Jeremy raced through there was plenty to ponder along the way, including:

    · Why nothing good has ever been achieved in a meeting
    · The side effects of muesli
    · How to navigate London when every single road is being dug up at once
    · Why we are forced to share the planet with people who read online reviews of dishwashers
    · And what, exactly, is the point of a driverless car?

    It's testing stuff, but happily Jeremy's not quite reached the end of his tether yet. Fuelled by hi-octane enthusiasm and irrepressible curiosity, he's put his foot down again.

    Seatbelts on ...

RELEASED 03/10/2019

Jeremy Clarkson began his career on the Rotherham Advertiser. Since then he has written for the Sun, the Sunday Times, the Rochdale Observer, the Wolverhampton Express & Star, all of the Associated Kent Newspapers and Lincolnshire Life.